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    An influential, impactful operations / technology leader with strong commercial awareness. I have a record of adding value to organisations that require technological enhancements and/or transformations. Calm and deliberate in disposition, my approach is to take time assimilating information and generating intelligence prior to formulating action plans. A highly empathetic strong listener, my understanding of people is key to my ability to influence and achieve buy-in at operational and Board level.

    Now open to full- or part-time Senior Management, and Non-Executive Director opportunities, I would welcome the chance to work alongside leaders of start-ups and SMEs seeking a critical friend. My areas of expertise lie in providing technological and holistic management advice to improve processes, reduce costs and drive commercial profitability.


    If you are interested in finding out more about how I may be a be able to help you or your business - whatever the size - please schedule a call with me, or use the contact form, below.

    I'm also a Poet

    I had a slim volume of poetry published - a long time ago. "Getting it out of my System" was more of a personal project than a long-term career goal. It's no longer available in print, but I'm working on self-publishing a reprint through Leanpub.


    I'm getting back into writing poetry - if you want to follow along, visit my Author's Site

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